what should investors expect in 2012?

All indications are for more market volatility, economic slowdown and financial fallouts from predicted European sovereign defaults. The US should remain in economic limbo due to election uncertainty but business activities should start to improve in 2013. Europe will enter a period of severe recession. Australia and China will experience economic slowdown and a recession is on the card for Australia in the second half of 2012. For short-term investors, a conservative and risk-averse approach is recommended. For long-term investors, 2012 should provide excellent buying opportunities.

Economic outlook for Financial Markets. (Read more)

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Market Update

Political shenanigan in an election year will ensure no enonomic recovery in the US until 2013 | Europe will unwillingly accept its economic reality, Eurozone will face structural change as peripheral countries finally default leaving bond markets in chaos | China will move to slow its economy to avert economic meltdown as export-led recovery fails to materialize. This will impact the resources boom in Australia, lead to higher unemployment and potential recession spurred by weak manufacturing and retail